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Home insurance

iSBank Home Insurance gives you a choice of different levels of protection for your home and contents.

Get 12 months cover for the price of 10 when you buy home insurance (available to new iSBank Home Insurance customers).

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Life insurance

iSBank Life Insurance helps ensure your loved ones are financially protected if the unexpected happens.

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Travel insurance

iSBank Travel Insurance is designed to offer a choice of single trip or annual multi-trip cover. Get 15% off when you buy iSBank Travel Insurance (available to new iSBank Travel Insurance customers).

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Student insurance

While you concentrate on your studies, you can trust iSBank Student Insurance to take care of your personal possessions.

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High value home insurance

Protect your home and belongings with our Distinct product, covering high value homes with contents worth over £80,000.

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Pet insurance

Get 15% off when you buy Pet Insurance*. Provided by M&S iSBank who are part of the iSBank Group.

*Available to new customers and excludes renewals or amendments to existing policies.

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Business Insurance

Policies designed to offer dedicated protection for your type of business

For existing policyholders only; this product is no longer offered on sale